About skull base research center

Skull Base research center of Iran University of Medical Science by goal of diagnose, research and expansion of new ways of skull base surgery emphasis on non-invasive ways get principle agreement of Health Ministry of Health and Hedical Education as an independent research center and the first skull base research center in Iran.

This great work is done because of 20 years of treatment and research collaborations in Rasoul Akram Hospital. This collaborations is done by start with sinus endoscopic surgeries and then skull base as a less invasive approach in the world and for need to work on this field. One of the units of otolaryngology and head and neck research center start to work by new name of skull base endoscopic surgeries in 2010.

Founders of this unit concentrate on upgrade to reach the highest place in science and research in the region on the field of Pituitary gland and skull base endoscopic surgeries in four levels of prevention by Emphasis on group work and multitasking.


Based on this point of view unit of skull base endoscopic surgeries has access to top tech of neuronavigation and endoscopic systems and instruments and cellular and molecular and genetic labs. ENT laboratory for before and after evaluations of endoscopic patient placed in this unit. This unit with collaborations of neurosurgery group, unit and center of otolaryngology and neck start some annual educational courses about pituitary gland and skull base surgery on emphasis on autopsy and live surgery in 2012 that lasts till now.



Main goals

  • Expanding and deepening substructures to improve quality and quantities of center´s research projects in order to science production with basic, clinical and epidemiological researches about skull base in for levels of diagnose, treatment, prevention and control according to ordinary people, patients and professionals.
  • Expanding cooperations with other research centers, health organizations, centers which have impact on main policies of national, regional and international health care.
  • Making the project results operational in guideline form, practical achievements and formalize them in national treatment protocol to increase healthcare services.

Centers goal

  • Pioneer as the first less invasive base skull surgery research center in Iran.
  • Making a data bank to register patients who done skull base surgery.
  • Having research deep insight among professors and staffs and other active members.
  • Having best university and private professors.
  • Professional collaborations with Neurosurgery, otolaryngology, neurology, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, pathology, radiology and oncology groups.
  • Accessibility to top tech neuronavigation and endoscopic systems, newest versions of endoscopy and cellular and molecular labs, genetic and tissue engineering.
  • Special labs for audiometry, tasting and olfactory.

Special goals

First Set

Making necessary tools in use of fundamental and clinical researches on skull base. Making new ways to solve existing problems. Making educational strategies and instructions. Holding conferences, seminars and workshops for skull base surgeries.

Second Set

Making known the Center of Skull Base Research as a lead center in Iran, Middle East, and international and stabilization of center as an international credible research center. Skull base surgical science propagation as a less invasive way around the country and region. Research and educational collaborations encouragement with scientific centers and top universities of the world for investment in co researches. Being active in international and national conferences.

Third sets

Increase and improvement of employment. Prepare good environment for growth of researchers and cooperate with research works. Making suitable physical environment for reaching the goals. Morals as honesty, obligation, qualification and human rights and usage of national wealth according to need of society is always mentioned

Centers Achievements